James Bullard(non-registered)
You have some great photos, so beautiful, some dramatic. I see you put your all into your work.
Funny, I thought this was from my son at first since he has the same name, it threw me. There are too many Jim Bullards' I see.....lol
Ralph Sherwin(non-registered)
Greetings Jim,
We met on the Indian Pass trail, as you hobbled out on a sprained ankle. I hope that you have recovered well, and you are back in the high peaks, caring for lean-to's and trails. I love the work here, it's such a pleasure looking at the Adirondaks from North Carolina.
Moira Daggett(non-registered)
Love your photos of the flowers they are very clear and focused and close up and colorful!! It makes one wish they bloomed all year!!
Ernest J. Theisen(non-registered)
Jim I love your work. All of it. Very inspiring to me. My favorites are the Photo Impression series. I would like to know how you got that look.
Teresa Fisher/Marty Andrews(non-registered)
Beautiful photos...You capture unique perspectives as well as the "big picture". We love the photo of the barn. Thanks for sharing your craft!
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